Possible base forms for "included"

    include (Verb) 

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insetted, inclusive, intercalary

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both included and not included - ???Last post 04 May 10, 11:59
Expenditures for purchasing and the technical valuation of machinery and equipment and opera…1 Replies
Sheets includedLast post 09 Apr 08, 12:31
Private Room 4 beds, with shower and toilet, Sheets included, Breakfast included Ich habe k…2 Replies
included/includingLast post 30 May 06, 18:37
Kann mir jemand den Unterschied erklären???4 Replies
me includedLast post 05 Nov 18, 11:09
At the get-together there were five people, me included.(Das heißt, ich und vier andere) 10 Replies
points includedLast post 08 Dec 12, 23:57
In 1935, the KPD of Hamburg produced a manual describing how to survive as a member of the r…5 Replies
included - inbegriffenLast post 13 Jun 09, 17:13
Time spent traveling is included in the agreed daily rate. Reisezeiten sind im vereinbarte…1 Replies
anfallen - includedLast post 01 Oct 08, 09:31
Die Kosten fuer Aushub und Auflad des Erdreichs sind nicht eingerechnet, da diese Kosten auc…5 Replies
instructions - beads includedLast post 02 Aug 05, 13:10
Hallo! Sitze über einer kleinen Übersetzung und es geht mir um den Begriff "included" für ei…4 Replies
everyone, myself includedLast post 29 Apr 07, 03:51
To me, the problem appears to be that everyone, myself included, has so much to do. >>Das P…1 Replies
included adverse eventsLast post 31 May 11, 23:04
To make sure that all adverse events are included in the approved label. Wie übersetzt man …2 Replies

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