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individuals' samplesLast post 23 Feb 12, 19:25
In order to characterize the radiolabeled metabolites, all individuals' samples from day x w…8 Replies
Individualisten - individualsLast post 15 Aug 08, 22:35
Firmen/Profis, Private Individualisten/Semi-prof Companies/professionals, private individual…7 Replies
tedious individualsLast post 13 Jul 08, 23:01
That allows unimportant ideas or tedious individuals to hog the floor... Wie kann hier tedi…2 Replies
As IndividualsLast post 24 Jul 08, 12:53
As individuals, we want to understand what we need to do and how we need to behave to demons…7 Replies
unrelated individualsLast post 16 Feb 17, 13:53
Aus einem Artikel über Lebensformen in den USA: "From 1960 to 2000 the share of persons livi…8 Replies
eligible individualsLast post 02 Nov 10, 11:27
assume that eligibility to a 401k is uncorrelated to unobservable taste characteristics that…2 Replies
Referring to individuals as "der" and "die"Last post 14 Nov 05, 14:31
In my high school German courses we were taught that it is disrespectful to refer to individ…47 Replies
key creative individualsLast post 05 Feb 07, 23:57
meaning no key creative individuals from Canada. Hier geht es um die Finanzierung für ein F…1 Replies
civic-minded individualsLast post 09 Jul 10, 16:47
so lautet der ganze satz: As children experience throughout their school life what it’s like t3 Replies
bilinguals /bilingual individualsLast post 26 Sep 14, 15:50
The social recognition of translation and interpreting as professions [...]has been traditio…3 Replies