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statistic inference - statistischer RückschlussLast post 16 Feb 08, 20:19
Ein typischer Gebrauch ist z.B. Mercurio, D.; Spokoiny, V. "Statistical inference for time-…3 Replies
counterfactual inferenceLast post 12 May 08, 17:20
a method for supporting a counterfactual inference is to add a control group to the design. …7 Replies
trait inferenceLast post 24 Nov 08, 13:48
Past work has typically characterized trait inferences as verbal labels that a perceiver ass…3 Replies
inference questionLast post 05 Aug 09, 19:13
For example, if an effect is cited in the passage, an Inference question might ask about its…2 Replies
inference onLast post 03 Dec 09, 11:56
Als Überschrift: Inference on Knowledge and Belief Es geht allgemein um Schlussfogerungstec…6 Replies
by inferenceLast post 31 Jul 12, 16:04
....in other words, the effect of lameness is to lower the threshold at which a cow responds…4 Replies
strong inference - vollständige InduktionLast post 16 Jul 09, 09:41
one of the methods is known as strong inference quelle: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Ecolog…0 Replies
inference vs. conclusionLast post 30 Dec 07, 20:52
King, Keohan and Verba (1994), "Designing social inquiry" Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer …4 Replies
multistep deductive inferenceLast post 10 Aug 08, 18:02
Ever since Plato, multistep deductive inference has been seen as the pinnacle of human intell1 Replies
soil inference systemsLast post 09 Sep 10, 18:18
Soil digital mapping is defined as the creation and population of spatial soil information s…3 Replies