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injectLast post 04 Feb 09, 16:44
In 2006 alone, sub-prime lenders injected more than a billion dollars into those aereas of t…2 Replies
jmdm etwas spritzen - inject ODER inject sb?Last post 27 Mar 06, 17:57
danke für jede hilfe! Ich würde "Ich werde dir jetzt ein Schmerzmittel spritzen" mit "I wil…2 Replies
inject you Last post 22 Mar 07, 22:17
Tell me does she want you infatuate and haunt you Does she know just how to shock and electr…3 Replies
re-injectLast post 20 May 15, 15:29
We can re-inject the customers' multiwires when breakages have occurred. Es geht hier um di…3 Replies
inject fruitLast post 16 Mar 20, 15:12
these strawberries are injected, so be careful. Kontext: Zum Dessert gibt es mit Früchte, i…11 Replies
to hand injectLast post 18 May 08, 18:15
Fortunately all of our great apes, the staff trained them to allow medical procedures, so th…3 Replies
fail to injectLast post 02 Oct 16, 13:35
Hallo,kann mir jemand mit diesem Satz helfen? Es geht um eine med. Abhandlung über die Vorge…6 Replies
inject something into somethingLast post 04 Feb 09, 22:55
He injected chemicals into their eyes, to fabricate a blue eye colour4 Replies
inject money into a companyLast post 04 Feb 10, 21:30
What would be the German equivalent? Geld in ein Unternehmen VERB?4 Replies
to inject a sense of urgency in their workLast post 13 Apr 09, 22:43
Our project leaders inject a sense of urgency in their work and aim to achieve clear and tan…2 Replies