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interest derivative \t \t - das ZinsderivatLast post 22 Aug 18, 17:43
An interest-rate derivative is a financial instrument with a value that increases and decrea…2 Replies
freehold interest - unbelastetes EigentumLast post 11 Jan 04, 02:48
Freehold A freehold interest is the more precise term for what we ordinarily refer to as "ow…3 Replies
sphere of interest - das Interessensbereich Last post 09 Dec 05, 10:53
1) Der Bereich rather than Das Bereich Fugen-S might not be used after Interessen (which is…7 Replies
both + interestLast post 10 Sep 09, 16:51
Can you say: In our both interest, we should do this or that. It does not sound right to me.5 Replies
reason of state - staatsräsonLast post 24 Apr 08, 19:41
"Staatsräson" is the equivalent of the French "raison d'état". The English version "reason o…3 Replies
the increasing interest in - das zunehmende Interesse in Last post 03 Sep 08, 14:09
Ich weiß nicht, ob das als bloßer Tippfehler gilt, aber m. E. wird "das zunehmende Interesse in7 Replies
to attract a fixed interest rate - mit fester VerzinsungLast post 24 May 04, 16:11
Inhaltlich in Ordnung, lediglich eine grammatikalische Anpassung der deutschen und englische…2 Replies
To interest investorsLast post 24 Nov 17, 21:25
Hello everyone,Would anybody mind checking my sentence below?Any help would be much apprecia…9 Replies
accrued interest - MarchzinsLast post 18 Feb 10, 16:20
http://www.bankfachsupport.ch/login/bankfachwissen/default.asp?fachbegriff=Marchzins und wei…2 Replies
Interest Enhancement - ZinskompensationLast post 08 Apr 05, 16:41
banking English class/training courses5 Replies