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dint, hint, mint, pinto, tint Info, Intro, Kino, mint, NATO, Pint, Sinto

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\tinto adv.\t\t - \thineinLast post 10 Jan 20, 21:33
into is not an adverb. And 'hinein' is not equivalent to 'into'.This entry should be delet…8 Replies
coming into effect [law] / coming into force[law]\t - das In-Kraft-Treten auch: InkrafttretenLast post 14 Jul 13, 16:21
http://www.korrekturen.de/wortliste/inkrafttreten.shtml Heutige Rechtschreibung seit 2004/2…0 Replies
to put effort into - verwendenLast post 01 Mar 06, 12:36
Müsste es auf der Seite des deutschen Eintrags nicht heißen: Mühe auf etwas verwenden..?0 Replies
to gear into each other - greifenLast post 28 May 10, 02:54
Das "into each other" scheint verloren gegangen zu sein.2 Replies
to cannon into; to cannon - prallenLast post 17 Jul 04, 23:42
I never heard of 'to cannon [into]' as a verb, and my dictionaries don't recognize it. Ther…4 Replies
enter into force - in Kraft tretenLast post 19 Jan 10, 17:03
I am not a native speaker but this really sounds suspicious to me. It is a step for step tra…11 Replies
transform - umspannenLast post 17 Nov 03, 19:47
Es laesst sich nicht mit nur einem Begriff umspannen: It does not let itself be encompassed …2 Replies
separate into VS. split intoLast post 24 Apr 07, 00:39
1) "can be separated into" 2) "can be split into" What is the difference between these two …1 Replies
come into question - infrage (auch: in Frage) kommenLast post 07 Dec 14, 19:19
Does "to come into question" ever mean the same as "in Frage kommen"? I think not. The only …7 Replies
to lay into s.o. - mit jemandem schimpfen,Last post 04 Jun 08, 13:31
http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=de&searchLoc=0&cmpType=relaxed&sectHdr=on&3 Replies