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divest, infest, ingest, invent, invert invers, Inzest

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to invest - belagernLast post 13 Mar 09, 14:19
Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary: Main Entry: 1in·vest Pronunciation: \\in-ˈvest\\ Fu0 Replies
investLast post 07 Jun 16, 14:39
There is another lesson implied here [spiritual gifts] that is difficult for us to accept. W…3 Replies
co-investLast post 05 Oct 07, 19:41
Corporate insiders must co-invest to reduce the adverse impact of the twin agency problems. …1 Replies
invest WITH Last post 10 Sep 11, 18:10
"Provider" is committed and obligated to "Invest" with "Company" in Euro Currency in the amo…5 Replies
Why sould you invest in comp xy? - Why invest in comp xy?Last post 31 Jan 11, 09:07
Why invest in comp. xy? ist das so korrekt oder muss der satz richtig ausformuliert werden? …1 Replies
Quick to invest...Last post 09 Jul 07, 14:38
What would be the best German translation of the sentence below. I'm racking my brain for a …1 Replies
to invest effortLast post 13 Apr 09, 20:12
They invest a lot of effort in developing positive relationships with others so they can ove…2 Replies
invest in distributionLast post 11 Jun 07, 09:41
Invest in Distribution...Growth Receivables 33% Wer kann helfen? Es ist nur eine Power Poin…2 Replies
(to) invest backLast post 16 Jun 17, 09:44
The oil companies hire people generally from outside, and little is invested back. Auch übe…4 Replies
"invest in" or "invest into"Last post 30 Apr 09, 14:37
hallo zusammen, heißt es "invest in technology and ecology" oder "invest into ..." oder ma…2 Replies