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"invitation to" or "invitation for"Last post 15 Feb 11, 16:24
context: email heading would you say: Invitation TO the next "Customer Conference" or In…1 Replies
an invitationLast post 03 Aug 06, 14:23
Is this proper English? Perhaps we could go for dinner after the play? or Perhaps we coul…5 Replies
Party invitation Last post 12 Jun 12, 06:52
He invites you to a party: "Kommst du?" You want to say: "If I am in the city, I'll come" …10 Replies
invite vs. invitationLast post 22 Oct 20, 23:57
"invite" meine ich hier (natürlich) als Substantiv, und die (eigentliche) Frage ist: Verwend…3 Replies
invitationLast post 18 Dec 08, 08:18
I would like to invite everyone for christmass party in my house -- auf deutsch bitte ?3 Replies
Invitation private / invitation business meeting - same word?Last post 10 Nov 05, 21:45
Do the native speakers use another word for invitation (invitation to our meeting?)1 Replies
Einladungsschreiben - Invitation LetterLast post 14 Oct 09, 17:09
Die Firma XXX, Deutschland lädt Herr YYY, Technischer Berater der Firma ZZZ., geb. xx.xx.xxx…2 Replies
Americans in Germany / a Get-to-Know InvitationLast post 27 Aug 14, 17:51
A few days ago, an American family (parents in their thirties, 3 daughters) moved into our n…33 Replies
Job interview invitation - answer mailLast post 30 Dec 10, 21:55
Hallo ihrs! =) Ich habe mich um einen Job in London beworben und wurde nun zu einem Telefon…2 Replies
Cacti / Kakteen, Kaktusse - an InvitationLast post 01 Jun 15, 15:39
I am about to complete 34 proposals to LEO for names of cacti. I know the common names of m…47 Replies