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bring, entail, result, cause, implicate

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involve - hineinziehenLast post 05 Nov 10, 09:16
From May 20, 1941 the island of Crete also became directly involved in the German strategic …1 Replies
To involve fromLast post 17 Feb 09, 21:54
Negative concord is attributed to common superstrate mix which may have involved reinforceme…1 Replies
mean oder involve?Last post 23 Sep 11, 20:26
Since the train takes more than seven hours (for a distance of slightly more than 400 kilome…2 Replies
to involve a problemLast post 22 Sep 20, 18:11
Hi ich weiß nicht wie ich "involve" am sinnigsten übersetzen soll:Aus einem Artikel der Engl…5 Replies
to involve my lawyerLast post 21 Sep 10, 15:22
In einem formalen Brief möchte ich schreiben, dass wenn XY nicht geschieht, werde ich nicht …4 Replies
Engagement, sich engagieren - commitment, involveLast post 01 Jun 07, 11:43
Seit vielen Jahren engagiert sich xxx im sozialen und kulturellen Bereich. For many years, x…0 Replies
involve (im Kontext) - einhergehen mitLast post 30 Jan 12, 15:18
The practice involves placing posts on the social network which include code that causes the…1 Replies
involve all of these DimensionsLast post 30 May 16, 07:10
An intimate partner is a person with whom one has a close personal relationship that may be …2 Replies
"Robust strategies involve trade-offs"Last post 04 Jul 13, 12:59
"Robust Strategyies involve trade-offs." Meine Versuche: Stabile Strategien beinhalten Aus…4 Replies
that don't involve alcohol or drugsLast post 23 Jul 12, 20:26
"Many of the participants started participating more heavily in sports and engaging in activ…5 Replies

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