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    involve (Verb) 

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involved - einbezogenLast post 13 Sep 07, 11:31
when sth./sbdy. is involved, this does/changes sth. for sbdy. einbezogen als Synonym für bet…1 Replies
get involved!Last post 09 Apr 06, 15:22
don't be shy - get involved! ie. take part in the activity - 'beteilige dir daran'?2 Replies
emotionally involvedLast post 28 Feb 08, 23:21
I tend to get emotionally involved with a friend's problem. Mir ist klar, was das bedeutet,…8 Replies
be involvedLast post 13 Dec 10, 22:03
Mass suicide will probably be involved at some point. So if that appeals, sign up. mit von …2 Replies
intimately involved Last post 12 May 09, 21:05
Mr. XY was Chief Representative in the Treaty's Regulatory Commission, where he was intimate…5 Replies
happily involvedLast post 02 Nov 07, 16:19
Relationship Status - happily involved Hallo, wie kann man den Status happily involved vers…1 Replies
spend involvedLast post 12 Jan 10, 17:33
Budget for toxicology and ecotoxicology studies. xxx $ spend involved Heißt das einfach nur…1 Replies
Involved - EingewickeltLast post 05 Oct 09, 18:07
He was involved in the matter. Er war in der Sache eingewickelt. Is this correct? What othe…2 Replies
"the involved agency", "the agency involved"Last post 21 Dec 09, 20:47
I was proofreading a formal text which says "from the perspective of the involved and affect…12 Replies
effort involved with vs. effort involved inLast post 31 Aug 10, 08:16
Mir sind häufig beide Formen über den Weg gelaufen und nun bin ich mir unsicher, ob man beid…2 Replies

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