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bite, cite, rite, site, stem, teem, term Atem, Team

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list item - der RasterpunktLast post 12 May 06, 00:37
Also falls das zutrifft, fehlt eindeutig eine Zuordnung zum Fachgebiet. Denn " Ras|ter|punk…2 Replies
cash item - die GeldanlageLast post 20 May 13, 11:08
cash items any check given immediate credit to a customer's account, before a bank has recei…6 Replies
used car, second-hand car - occasionLast post 28 Apr 11, 13:52
Beispiele: "Foto Kamera - Occasionen" http://www.buchmann.ch/sitemap/24_118/Occasionen/Foto-…1 Replies
item (adv)Last post 10 Mar 06, 22:59
LEO lists the word 'item (adv)' as a translation for 'auch'. Never came across it in that se…2 Replies
"item" - "zudem"Last post 22 May 08, 13:43
Hallo, ich suche gerade ein englisches Wort für "zudem" oder "gleichermaßen". Dabei bin ich…2 Replies
item : positionLast post 27 Oct 15, 10:56
Can you use the word "Position" as a synonym for item: There is a mistake in item/Position …4 Replies
Lexical item: matter ...Last post 02 Nov 05, 18:46
Is the following sentence acceptable or totally wrong? "But the real matter in life is not …5 Replies
issue or item?Last post 25 Jan 06, 10:50
Could 'issue' be used to objectively indicate a point on a list (like 'ein Thema des Meeting…3 Replies
Agenda Item - TraktandLast post 11 Jun 08, 12:11
Synonym für Tagesordnungspunkt Ich habe eine Besprechungsprotokoll von eine Schweizer bekomm…1 Replies
item per item - eines nach dem anderenLast post 26 Feb 12, 12:29
Buyers from stores are given the opportunity to go through fashion collections item by item …3 Replies