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Orthographically similar words

Coke, coke, hoke, Jock, jock, Joe, joe, joey, joker, jokey, joky, Jove, moke, poke, roke, soke, toke, yoke Joker

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jape, gag, fun, hoax, lark, jest

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I know the worst thing you can do to a joke is expalin it, but I'm asking ... Zwei Deutschl…20 Replies
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Ich probiere es mal hier im SL. Und zwar würde mich interessieren, ob 'juicy joke' zwangsläu…3 Replies
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Duden: nicht sehr geistreicher, meist auf einem Wortspiel beruhender Witz http://www.duden.d…28 Replies
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So I was beginning to compile this year's "alternative" Christmas CD, something that's becom…15 Replies
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http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8c4_1306857615 This type of joke is called a "shaggy dog sto…30 Replies