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Orthographically similar words

bolt, jilt, jot, molt, tolt Colt, Jota, Volt

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jolt of electricity - StromstoßLast post 25 Jul 13, 11:08
The idea of treating a psychiatric illness by passing a jolt of electricity through the brai…1 Replies
with a jolt - ruckartigLast post 10 Sep 08, 08:38
I must have dozed off, because I woke up with a jolt around midnight. I'd heard something. r…1 Replies
jolt of painLast post 09 Jul 14, 21:33
subjects (of an experiment) were prepared to give themselves a mild jolt of pain (in the for…6 Replies
jolt of nervesLast post 04 Feb 15, 06:02
I wait ages to be called on set. When I finally am, I feel a jolt of nerves, like a shot of …7 Replies
jolt of awarenessLast post 25 May 10, 22:03
The prickling jolt of awareness, the way my skin seemed to measure the distance to his, only…3 Replies
telltale behaviour, body joltLast post 05 Sep 06, 14:26
selective listening – the listener only hears of the conversation what he wants to hear. a tel1 Replies
to jolt one's fleshLast post 20 Jun 09, 15:36
The twirling light moved down the drive, a siren jolted our flesh, and the ambulance we thou…1 Replies
to provide a joltLast post 21 Jan 08, 18:26
... he promised to provide a jolt to the company and refocus its expansion strategy towards …4 Replies
jump at the joltLast post 22 Nov 09, 21:57
She stopped him with a hand to his chest, jumping at the jolt that went between them, the jo…1 Replies
(to) jolt awake - aus dem Schlaf schreckenLast post 25 Aug 14, 19:01
Source: http://xkcd.com/371/2 Replies