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Judgment, judgment

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judgment, judging, evaluation

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Judgement Day - AbrechnungstagLast post 28 Jun 09, 12:38
The day will come when you will be Judged by the Divine, God, Yaweh, Allah, Sada Shiva. No m…7 Replies
sweeping judgement - das PauschalrurteilLast post 07 Aug 17, 08:39
In das Pauschal_r_urteil ist ein ist ein Tippfehler reingerutscht.8 Replies
Germany's judgementLast post 03 Apr 07, 08:55
I read that 58 % of Germans consider the US to be a bigger threat to Germany than Iran. Is t…8 Replies
JudgementLast post 25 Apr 02, 16:43
Als ich meinen Terminator2-Film eingeordnet hab, ist mir aufgefallen, dass er als Untertitle…3 Replies
judgment - judgementLast post 07 Oct 02, 17:42
Up to now, I used these words synonymously, and LEO seems to suggest the same. However, an E…6 Replies
sweeping judgement - PauschalverurteilungLast post 07 Aug 17, 14:04
I don't have time to draw up sources, but I did just want to tag, having come across it tod…11 Replies
judgement - VerstandLast post 01 Jan 10, 00:33
My judgement's getting kinda hazy Mein Verstand ist etwas benebelt Original von Ke$ha - Y…4 Replies
judgement sampling - ZufallsstichprobeLast post 02 Jul 07, 15:57
Quelle: English for Accountants, Autoren: D. Grünberger/H. Grünberger, 2. Auflage (2006), Ve…3 Replies
judgement Last post 23 Mar 07, 09:28
In case of judgment by default the secretariat shall serve the judgment debtor within 3 days…4 Replies
Richterstuhl - judgement seatLast post 28 Apr 10, 12:33
Denn wir müssen alle vor den Richterstuhl Christi treten, damit jeder seinen Lohn empfange f…2 Replies