Orthographically similar words

herb, kerf, kern, kier, Serb, verb derb, Erbe, herb, Kerbe, Kerf, Kerl, Kern, Kerub, Korb, Kür, Verb

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scar - das KerbLast post 05 Mar 09, 21:16
Das Kerb ist Dialekt, besser wäre die Kerbe! Das Kerb fand ich in keinem aktuellen deutschen…1 Replies
kerb crawling - mit dem Auto ...entlangfahrenLast post 29 Jun 11, 23:15
kerb crawling n the act of driving slowly along the edge of the pavement seeking to entice s…4 Replies
kerbLast post 09 Feb 15, 13:27
a drunk driver repeatedly tries to mount the kerb of a busy road (from The Guardian) den Ka…10 Replies
kerb crawling - (verbotenes) Herumtreiben im RotlichtmilieuLast post 28 May 11, 04:50
kerb crawling n the act of driving slowly along the edge of the pavement seeking to entice s…21 Replies
kerb weight - EigengewichtLast post 21 Dec 06, 19:36
http://www.allwords.com/word-kerb%20weight.html Bei einem Fahrzeug ist das Eigengewicht das …2 Replies
kerb-crawlerLast post 17 Oct 06, 13:39
book on English Criminal Law offences of remote harm; used apparently as pseudonym for peopl…2 Replies
kerb-crawlingLast post 13 Sep 10, 14:33
Beispieltext aus einer Presse-Erklärung: "New style cautions will be introduced for kerb-cra…12 Replies
exit kerbLast post 06 Jun 11, 18:33
Going a bit too far on the right exit kerb can result in contact with the wall Beschreibung…5 Replies
kerb appealLast post 20 Nov 09, 11:23
create "kerb appeal" on a smaller project Guten Morgen an alle! Suche eine treffende Übers…4 Replies
Betonborde - concrete curb/kerbLast post 14 Dec 07, 12:40
Ein Ausbau der Betonborde ist erforderlich. Uninstallation of the concrete curb/kerb is nece…1 Replies

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