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procedural language - verfahrensorientierte ProgrammierspracheLast post 23 Feb 16, 10:10
https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prozedurale_ProgrammierungProzedurale Programmierung ist ein P…7 Replies
common language - einheitlicher CodeLast post 05 Mar 16, 23:33
Ich denke, dieser Eintrag sollte mit [comp.] bzw. [Inform.] gekennzeichnet werden.3 Replies
target language (comp.) - ObjektspracheLast post 13 Nov 12, 09:38
Objektsprache (Computer) Andere Bezeichnung für interner Code. Gefunden auf http://www.it-a…3 Replies
language artsLast post 27 Nov 09, 20:37
ist das in amerikanischenSchulen ein üblicher Begriff ??? Ich glaubte, es müsste einfach " E…4 Replies
Which language?Last post 18 May 12, 18:53
When you and another person have different first languages, I suppose you use the best commo…76 Replies
New LanguageLast post 05 Jul 09, 14:27
I am looking for an onlne dictionary for the arabic language. And i know that Leo.org is a v…1 Replies
authentic language - verbindliche SprachregelungLast post 20 Mar 15, 23:35
The suggested English translation seems a bit literal and does not convey the meaning of the…10 Replies
languageLast post 24 Jan 06, 17:45
does anybody have a proper german translation for "outgrabe" as in: Oxbridge dons consider C…1 Replies
German=ugly language?Last post 21 Apr 12, 19:10
I really like to learn Germany and its culture...but the sound of German is just soooo terri…270 Replies
Language and thinkingLast post 30 Oct 08, 16:50
Hi all, I've read a few articles and books on language that have got me thinking ... do you…59 Replies