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widely - largely -- weitestgehendLast post 20 Sep 09, 11:07
ich bin mire nciht ganz sicher, was der Unetrschied zwischen widely and largely ist** 4 Replies
German culture has largely disappeared in the USLast post 26 Sep 15, 11:46
An interesting article in today's New York Times: Today some 46 million Americans can claim…95 Replies
largely dispersedLast post 13 Apr 07, 01:22
The nuclear envelope is largely dispersed. Al Qaeda has been badly damaged and largely disp…4 Replies
Due largelyLast post 02 Nov 08, 15:21
Due largely to the recent implementation two new foreign aid initiatives — the Millennium Chal1 Replies
largely coveredLast post 17 May 11, 16:12
A large part of the allocation of global investors goes to the small cap stocks in the Index…2 Replies
weitgehend chemiefest - largely chemical resistant Last post 17 Dec 07, 09:46
The transmitter is largely chemical resistant. Wir hatten das immer wie im Beispiel geschrie…1 Replies
largely: mostly vs to a large extentLast post 28 Feb 06, 15:49
In LEO, largely is translated as both "größtenteils" and "in hohe Maße". Now this makes it …1 Replies
largely identified worth...Last post 11 Nov 08, 14:09
Ich habe einen Satz gefunden, den Churchill gesagt haben soll und ein Teil davon irritiert m…4 Replies
largely in part Last post 19 Mar 11, 14:59
This was largely in part because Tony was aware that waking up with your back to a wall,... …3 Replies
weitgehend freie Darstellungen - largely free presentationsLast post 30 Jul 14, 18:18
Sie eignen sich besonders um Abläufe, Ereignisse und Planungen darzustellen. Da lediglich d…3 Replies