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litigation, action, suit, proceedings

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nuisance lawsuitLast post 03 Mar 10, 16:32
For a nuisance suit, the defendant's legal cost of a trial exceed the expected value of a co…3 Replies
custody lawsuitLast post 18 Mar 05, 18:53
http://www.humanrightsaction.org/justice/doc1.html In July 1984 an attempt to get a new cust…1 Replies
lawsuit typeLast post 03 Nov 08, 18:01
That guy doesn't seem like the lawsuit type. Gibt es ein Substantiv für jemanden, der gerne…2 Replies
infringement lawsuit Last post 22 Mar 07, 22:37
Copyright notices Use of a copyright notice — consisting of the letter C inside of a circle (t5 Replies
lawsuit-leeryLast post 08 Oct 11, 20:38
trying to avoid dealing with court complaints wie kann man das am Besten auf Deutsch überse…4 Replies
determination lawsuitLast post 29 Mar 10, 12:27
Mietvertrag einer Fläche - es geht um die Miete und Möglichkeit der Erhöhung etc., die Wechs…6 Replies
rechtliche Auseinandersetzungen - lawsuit(s)Last post 08 Aug 08, 17:03
Orig.: Die rechtlichen Auseinandersetzungen wurden erfolgreich beendet. (für XY) Üb.: The l…5 Replies
file a lawsuit at vs. withLast post 10 Aug 19, 16:52
Do you file a lawsuit at the District Court of XY or with the District Court of XY.My guess …2 Replies
credit arbitration lawsuitLast post 22 Feb 10, 20:28
A young film director learns that he will be paid for a music video he directed, but that a …2 Replies
litigation - trial - lawsuitLast post 02 Nov 09, 13:32
Hallo, ich suche die deutsche Übersetzung für die drei Begriffe litigation trial lawsuit …1 Replies