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blear, clean, clear, earn, glean, lean Laren

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to learn | learnt, learnt | - lernen etc.Last post 16 Jun 20, 10:58
Ergänzung, nicht Korrektur: BE: to learn | learnt, learnt | AE: to learn | learned, le…10 Replies
learn/studyLast post 19 Jun 16, 15:56
Do we learn or study for school?Where's the difference?18 Replies
Want to learn German.....Last post 09 Mar 09, 12:46
Hi i'm a 13 year old girl, my name i Leah, and i would really love to learn german fluently.…56 Replies
to learn about vs to learnLast post 27 Nov 05, 15:05
So, you can learn a language, that's obvious. However, can you - learn a culture (or would…11 Replies
"learn English better" vs. "learn better English"Last post 08 Jun 12, 13:25
ne year abroad is perfect to learn English better. Kann man das so sagen?5 Replies
Why did you learn German?Last post 28 Apr 08, 16:34
The Bavarian cabaret artiste Gerhard Polt was asked why he learned Swedish. (And his Swedish…97 Replies
Why we should learn German Last post 09 Jul 17, 20:16
Schöner Artikel von John le Carré, in dem er seine Liebe zur deutschen Sprache erklärt:Why w…2 Replies
"learn" anstatt "teach"?Last post 05 Mar 15, 13:10
Im Lied "Poor Boy" von den Lords kommt diese Textstelle vor: When I was born you know I cou…11 Replies
why it's important you learn GermanLast post 16 Apr 15, 15:00
oder: how not to live-blog a press conference given by Borussia Dortmund... http://www.teleg…22 Replies
to learn sth. from sth. - etw. (Dat) etw. (Akk) entnehmenLast post 01 Apr 15, 07:53
Ich habe dem Singen meinen Vogel entnommen. (Dat/Akk) Ich habe das Singen meinem Vogel ento…3 Replies