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incense, licence, licensed, licensee, licenser

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Driving license. Last post 26 Oct 10, 18:30
What is the minimum amount of hours one has to have in the driving school in Germany to get …55 Replies
license/licence - Lizenz/lizensierenLast post 26 Jan 10, 19:25
http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/licence http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/license http://www.merri…2 Replies
license - Regellosigkeit, Willkür, LiederlichkeitLast post 10 Apr 16, 11:17
Freedom must not be allowed to degenerate into license. Entspricht dem Adj. ‹licentious›, is…8 Replies
Irish Driver LicenseLast post 17 Sep 09, 16:48
Hi folks, I have been living in Ireland for the last two years and my practical driving test…14 Replies
International Driver's licenseLast post 05 Jan 07, 22:48
We're going to the US next summer and my mother says I need an international driver's licens…20 Replies
to revoke so.'s driving license - *Last post 07 Jun 09, 13:48
OALD: 'driving licence (BrE) (NAmE 'driver’s license) noun an official document that shows tha0 Replies
license platesLast post 05 Sep 02, 10:40
army people based in germany got different license plates. IŽm from the region of würzburg …5 Replies
Transferring a US drivers licenseLast post 14 Nov 06, 17:02
I'm sure plenty of you have done this before, but after 7 happy car-free years here in Germa…42 Replies
marriage license - EheurkundeLast post 28 Sep 15, 10:33
Quelle: aus E-Mail von amerikanischem Arbeitgeber [...] 4. Copy of marriage license and/or b…20 Replies
Zulassung - licenseLast post 29 Jul 09, 11:46
Technische Daten: Bezeichnung: TF342 Ko MANA-SIN Kabellänge: 6m Zulassung: QA/TL/CSO Spec…2 Replies