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ally, idly, lilo, Lilo, lilt, Livy, oily, wily Lila, lila

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lily-livered - feigeLast post 19 Mar 06, 22:45
Die Übersetzung selbst ist natürlich richtig. Aber dass lily-livered nur als amerikanisch u…4 Replies
St Bernard’s lily, also: St. Bernard’s lily, Saint-Bernard’s-lily - Astlose Graslilie, wiss.: Anthericum liliagoLast post 15 Oct 14, 03:25
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthericum_liliago Anthericum liliago (St Bernard’s lily[/b0 Replies
nymphaeaceous - seerosenartigLast post 15 Feb 18, 16:54
Compare with separate proposal:https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=128899…0 Replies
convallariaceous - maiglöckchenartigLast post 08 Feb 18, 16:58
Compare with separate proposal:• Convallariaceae Horan. (1834) — https://dict.leo.org/forum/…0 Replies
banana water-lily, also: banana water lily, banana waterlily - Mexikanische Seerose, wiss.: Nymphaea mexicanaLast post 01 Apr 15, 07:07
https://books.google.com/books?id=AIrNBQAAQBAJ&pg=PA471&lpg=PA471&dq=%22Nymphaea+mexican0 Replies
Natal lily - das Riemenblatt, wiss.: Clivia miniataLast post 03 Oct 14, 05:41
http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?kempercode=b549 C…0 Replies
Aztec lily - die Jakobslilie, wiss.: Sprekelia formosissimaLast post 15 Oct 14, 02:55
http://www.finegardening.com/aztec-lily-sprekelia-formosissima Aztec lily Sprekelia formos0 Replies
(lily) levenLast post 17 Oct 06, 15:40
JRR Tolkien: On Fairy-Stories And see ye not yon braid, braid road That lies across the lily…1 Replies
day lilyLast post 20 Jun 08, 17:28
I think I will go down the road and dig some day lilies for my Mom.3 Replies
fragrant water-lily, also: fragrant water lily, fragrant waterlily - Wohlriechende Seerose, wiss.: Nymphaea odorataLast post 03 Apr 15, 09:51
http://wisplants.uwsp.edu/scripts/detail.asp?SpCode=NYMODO Nymphaea odorata Aiton American0 Replies