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localize, settle, localise

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to locate - anordnen (in Gehäuse)Last post 03 Oct 05, 11:11
Ist es tatsächlich üblich, "locate" z.B. so zu verwenden: Locate the equipment in the housin…3 Replies
localize vs. locateLast post 04 Nov 08, 20:57
What is the difference and which should I use in the following sentences: "Regional anesthe…4 Replies
to locate - verortenLast post 24 Nov 06, 13:37
Not only does the nation locate individuals temporally in relation to past and future genera…3 Replies
locateLast post 29 Nov 10, 02:25
"I couldn't locate Bulgaria on a map." Wie würde man das auf Deutsch sagen? Ich könnte Bul…9 Replies
locateLast post 23 Jan 12, 19:35
To locate a web service(, a java bean, a java object, an application usw) the client needs t…2 Replies
locate against - sortierenLast post 26 Jul 11, 15:13
Set filters to locate design elements against dimensions, product names (...) Stellen Sie F…2 Replies
anordnen - to locateLast post 24 Oct 09, 17:33
Der Kraftstoffbehälter ist außerhalb der primären Crashzone anzuordnen. Einbauposition ist v…1 Replies
there plus verb "to locate"Last post 03 May 09, 15:32
Usually, there is used with "is/are", but it can be used with some other verbs like "seem; c…3 Replies
bi-locateLast post 24 Mar 11, 11:14
It’s one of those times when it might be easier to bi-locate. (im übertragenen Sinne) Kann …2 Replies
locate the perceptions... - Um zu lokalisieren...Last post 01 Dec 09, 21:30
To locate the perceptions and impressions that we call organisational images primarily in th…1 Replies