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Orthographically similar words

Flocke, Glocke, Locke, locken, lockend, locker

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eyes locked + preposition?Last post 19 Oct 06, 21:51
hi there, I'm new to this forum but only because it has been inactive for a while! so, here…10 Replies
to get lockedLast post 02 Nov 07, 15:02
Ein Freund von mir meinte letztens kurz bevor wir weggingen am Abend, "We're gonna get locke…3 Replies
locked-in syndrome - Locked-in-SyndromLast post 22 Aug 12, 21:10
Tony Nicklinson, a man with locked-in syndrome who fought for the right for doctors to legal…2 Replies
Phase Locked Loop - PLLLast post 14 Dec 14, 23:16
"The Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) within the PLL has a characterized operating range …5 Replies
become locked Last post 23 May 06, 18:43
Now with ........ trying to dominate the high-end Asian market, the two companies have becom…1 Replies
back lockedLast post 02 Sep 06, 19:19
... Toes (pointed) forward and downward (knees locked), body rigid, back locked... Beschreib…2 Replies
get lockedLast post 11 Aug 07, 22:48
His email: "You can stay with me and my family for a few days if you wish! would be great to…1 Replies
locked = betrunken?Last post 11 Aug 09, 15:33
"The Celticists were locked(,) in animated conversation." Ist das (je nach Kommasetzung) do…3 Replies
arms lockedLast post 19 Dec 08, 19:34
"Preparatory training would include soldiers marching in small groups with arms locked in or…6 Replies
locked hornsLast post 16 Feb 10, 20:42
Dream of rugby scrum. Front HAWK row. Locked horns. Pushed the scrum to the other end of the…12 Replies