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Logik, Login, Logis

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Logic Last post 22 Feb 06, 12:39
Can anyone help me with this riddle? It is a sentence taken from a review of a gym club: "…7 Replies
German bureaucratic logicLast post 15 Dec 17, 09:42
I have just discovered that during the Nazi period, if you wanted foreign currency, you had …18 Replies
current-mode logic (CML) - StromflusslogikLast post 15 Feb 05, 10:56
-0 Replies
Storage-programmable logic controller - speicherprogrammierbare SteuerungLast post 26 Apr 07, 19:55
Dieser englische Begriff für die "Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung" (SPS) ist einfach nur e…0 Replies
sham logic - ScheinlogikLast post 29 Aug 15, 22:07
In a masterpiece of sham logic he revealed how the working class, the salt of the earth, had…1 Replies
Logic of this sentenceLast post 21 Feb 13, 12:14
Can anyone explain what makes this location what? Die ländliche Architektur und die Nähe zur I9 Replies
speicherprogrammierbar - programmable logicLast post 24 Apr 13, 10:30
speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung -> programmable logic control unit1 Replies
business logic - GeschäftslogikLast post 10 Nov 04, 23:47
Kann man business logic mit Geschäftslogik übersetzen oder gibt es einen anderen Fachbegriff…2 Replies
sentential logic - AussagenlogikLast post 10 Jan 09, 17:20
Propositional logic, also known as sentential logic and statement logic, is the branch of lo…0 Replies
Can someone explain the logicLast post 18 Jun 08, 10:08
of this sentence: Je ausgefallener Ihre Wünsche, desto größer ist unser Anspruch diese für …11 Replies