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blooming lovely ladyLast post 21 Jun 13, 23:05
Meine Tochter hat mir aus England ein poster/billboard mitgebracht. Darauf ist eine gemalte …4 Replies
lovely - structuresLast post 23 Jun 13, 00:52
"lovely" can mean friendly in an informal style. My question is whether I can use it in the…9 Replies
Deutschland jubelt/lovely jubelyLast post 24 Nov 08, 14:07
I've often wondered, if the word "jubeln" has got anything at all to do with the English "lo…11 Replies
Have a lovely weekendLast post 18 Jun 08, 08:39
Have a lovely / nice / good weekend. Wie wird der Wunsch am besten erwidert? Thank you, the…6 Replies
nice/good/lovely etc. weekend ...???Last post 30 Nov 13, 02:05
In letzter Zeit antworten mir einige Kunden (Irland) auf "Have a nice weekend" immer öfter m…2 Replies
Aussprache no' (in lovely Scotland)Last post 31 Oct 13, 13:55
I'm reading a book set in Glasgow, and people keep saying no' (with an apostrophe) for 'not'…5 Replies
lovely jubbly - super! / toll! / spitze!Last post 23 Jul 11, 04:09
http://www.dict.cc/?s=jubbly http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=lovely%20jubbly…18 Replies
dead lovelyLast post 10 May 12, 15:43
dead lovely6 Replies
Lovely SaintsLast post 10 Sep 09, 16:08
Aus Thomas Weelkes' schönem Gedicht: Hark, all ye lovely saints above Diana hath agreed wit…5 Replies
Distinguished, lovelyLast post 27 Nov 08, 11:45
Here we see the distinguished founder of the company and his lovely wife, Sarah. Mir geht e…2 Replies