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Orthographically similar words

antler, cantle, mangle, mantel Mantel

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overburden, casing, pall, soil, burden, regolith, mantel

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lady's mantle - der Frauenmantel Pl.: die Frauenmäntel Last post 13 Apr 15, 15:12
Leo hat: https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_en.html#/search=Frauenmantel&searchLoc=0&resultOrde3 Replies
mantle - AmtLast post 11 Dec 04, 10:42
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4087327.stm Under the new constitution he oversaw, Preside…0 Replies
mantleLast post 30 Sep 10, 10:29
"...not a woman have I touched sinfully since I accepted my mantle so long ago ..." Hallo! …3 Replies
mantle of the officeLast post 10 Jan 19, 10:44
"Mitt Romney Says Trump ‘Has Not Risen to the Mantle of the Office’ "Mir ist die ungefähre Bede5 Replies
(hemispherical) heating mantle - der HeizpilzLast post 21 Feb 06, 16:02
Mangels Woerterbucheintraegen, ausnahmsweise mal Wikipedia: Ein Heizpilz (genauer eine Pilz…2 Replies
common lady’s-mantle, also: common lady’s mantle - Gewöhnlicher Frauenmantel, wiss.: Alchemilla vulgarisLast post 24 Jan 17, 17:58
current LEO-entry:https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/Alchemilla%20vulgaris• common lady’s…0 Replies
mantle cell lymphoma - Mantelzelllymphom Last post 03 Sep 14, 19:05
Andrew Madoffdied at a New York City hospital from mantle cell lymphoma. -0 Replies
clustered lady’s-mantle, also: clustered lady’s mantle - der Knäuel-Frauenmantel, wiss.: Alchemilla glomerulansLast post 24 Jan 17, 17:30
The BSBI Archive (Botanical Society of the British Isles):It soon became clear that in North…0 Replies
smooth lady’s-mantle, also: smooth lady’s mantle - Kahler Frauenmantel, wiss.: Alchemilla glabraLast post 24 Jan 17, 17:22
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Alchemilla glabraAuthority (Brummitt & Powell)…0 Replies
silver lady’s-mantle, also: silver lady’s mantle - der Kalksilbermantel, auch: Kalk-Frauenmantel, wiss.: Alchemilla conjunctaLast post 22 Jan 17, 18:03
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):Alchemilla conjunctaAuthority (Brummitt & Powe…0 Replies