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manufactured, manufacturer

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manufacture - die DarstellungLast post 12 Dec 04, 13:12
Ich würde den Eintrag streichen.5 Replies
vertical range of manufacture - FertigungstiefeLast post 11 Jun 10, 10:35
It is difficult to say whether or not "Fertigungstiefe" is a word that has a wide-spread equ…5 Replies
produzieren - manufactureLast post 14 May 06, 16:30
Dear Native speakers, is the following sentence correct? What products do you manufacture …1 Replies
production vs manufactureLast post 01 Aug 05, 20:46
Could anybody please explain the difference and when to use which one? AFAIK they are not in…4 Replies
produce vs. manufactureLast post 12 Oct 15, 10:52
Hallo zusammen, beide Wörter bedeuten ja "herstellen", was genau ist denn der Unterschied? …9 Replies
manufacture line - ProduktionsmaschineLast post 19 May 04, 11:17
At the latest with the implementation of the new manufacture lines for BMW a significant inc…2 Replies
scale manufactureLast post 25 Sep 08, 14:06
es geht um die 3. welt. kinder arbeiten in familienbetrieben, im dienstleistungsgewerbe und …1 Replies
manufacture representativeLast post 28 Jun 17, 18:12
to enter into all kinds of contracts for the export, import, purchase, acquisition, sale at …5 Replies
further manufactureLast post 22 Mar 10, 16:44
Warenliste Nizza-Klasse 1 http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewWrongentry.php?idThread=901254&idFo…1 Replies
toll manufacture agreementLast post 21 Aug 08, 07:19
habe keine Beispiele Ist der Titel zu einem Herstellungsvertrag von Papiertaschentüchern4 Replies