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Orthographically similar words

man, Maya, mean, moan Main, man, Mann, Maya, Mayo

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many - mehrereLast post 26 Jan 12, 14:29
Ist ein Synonym, Viele sind auch Mehrere, as many as more than one, sieht vertraut aus und f…5 Replies
a great many - erheblich (adj.)Last post 01 Nov 11, 18:24
The wind had blown a great many apples off the trees. (pl.) = sehr VIELE = eine große, erheb…2 Replies
connexion BE - [many entries]Last post 15 Feb 10, 11:44
http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?idThread=443131&idForum=4&lp=ende The ol7 Replies
How many twins?Last post 09 Sep 10, 14:50
I just spend about 15 minutes listening to the trials and tribulations of someone I thought …37 Replies
as many as - nicht weniger alsLast post 09 Dec 08, 15:11
nicht weniger als 10 = (10 oder mehr) = mindestens 10 = at least 10 as many as 10 = about, …2 Replies
Many thanks......Last post 30 Jun 06, 23:40
Many thanks for letting me have an insight into your classroom. Could anybody quickly check…6 Replies
much - manyLast post 24 May 07, 18:25
eigentlich muß ich das wissen, bin aber im Moment sehr verwirrt. ich meinte mich zu erinner…12 Replies
many thanksLast post 22 Apr 08, 14:41
Some associates of mine often write many thanks in emials and such. I am positive that this …2 Replies
much/manyLast post 07 Nov 07, 21:58
Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen was der unterschied zwischen much und many ist.Unser LEhrer…10 Replies
many more?Last post 04 Nov 12, 18:51
Es leben viel mehr Menschen in Deutschland als in Australien. Sagt man hier "many more" (da…2 Replies