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mareLast post 01 Dec 07, 18:37
"Ich weiß nicht, was du getan hast, damit er seine Meinung ändert." "Ich weiß nicht, wovon d…10 Replies
motherly mareLast post 11 Apr 08, 17:25
Was ist denn eine mutterliche Stute? Wäre nett, wenn mir das jemand erklären könnte. Danke1 Replies
total 'mareLast post 29 Aug 07, 14:40
Planning a party is a total 'mare when you're a Hollywood It Girl Ich muss total'mare durch…7 Replies
Mahr = mare?Last post 21 Mar 10, 18:32
where does the word nightmare stem from? the german albtraum comes from nachtalb which is sy…2 Replies
lead mare syndromeLast post 24 Apr 09, 16:06
In the horse industry this is known as the "lead mare syndrome". Hallo Ich suche eine deut…1 Replies
mare's nest - (Zeitungs-)enteLast post 01 Jan 06, 20:04's+nest's+nest+(coll.) .html…1 Replies
a mare‘s nestLast post 11 Feb 19, 11:48
There are two unrelated meanings of 'mare's nest' in circulation (...) The first, and 'prope…7 Replies
mare’s tail, pl. mare’s tails or mares’ tails - der Tannenwedel, wiss.: Hippuris vulgarisLast post 23 Aug 11, 22:34's+tail mare’s tail noun 1 a widely distribute0 Replies
Tranquillity Base - Meer der Ruhe (Mare Tranquillitatis)Last post 08 Jun 06, 08:44…1 Replies
to cover a mare - eine Stute decken lassenLast post 03 Nov 10, 16:22
Irland36 Replies

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