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regular matrix - Regulär-MatrixLast post 09 Jan 08, 17:49
http://www.vias.org/tmdatanaleng/hl_regularmatrix.html (H.Lohninger: Teach/Me Data Analysis,…2 Replies
identity matrix - IdentitätsmatrixLast post 18 Sep 15, 22:10
Die Einheitsmatrix oder Identitätsmatrix ist in der Mathematik eine quadratische Matrix, der…1 Replies
positioning matrix - PositionierungsmatrixLast post 22 Sep 05, 09:30
To illustrate the position of a product or an SBU in its relevant market segment, a position…0 Replies
rate matrix - IntensitätsmatrixLast post 27 Feb 19, 17:52
Begriff aus der Statistik5 Replies
Eigenwerte der Matrix - the matrix's eigenvaluesLast post 04 Mar 11, 14:31
Hi! Basically this is not about translating but a question about English grammar. If I have …2 Replies
matrixLast post 09 Jul 08, 11:32
I'm looking for the meaning of the words LODE and MATRIX in one passage from Cormac McCarthy…2 Replies
matrixLast post 11 Oct 08, 23:12
The CCTV set-ups run from a control room over the way. They cover five council blocks from a…5 Replies
bidiagonal matrix - die BidiagonalmatrixLast post 07 Feb 16, 22:29
1 Replies
hole matrix board - LochrasterplatineLast post 02 Apr 08, 11:35
Farnell Online I was looking for a translation of "Lochrasterplatine", meaning the boards w…1 Replies
cultural matrix - kultureller HintergrundLast post 13 Feb 15, 21:58
http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674728752 http://www.univsource.com/words/ma…3 Replies