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confidential matter - VertrauenssacheLast post 24 May 05, 12:10
für mein Gefühl bedeutet "confidential matter" eher "vertrauliche Angelegenheit". Der Begrif…2 Replies
learning matter - lernstoffLast post 02 Mar 09, 19:55
I can't find a better translation, but this seems to me. Thanks, CH3 Replies
matter of consequences - Angelegenheit von BedeutungLast post 15 Jan 11, 12:25
Some references to "matter of consequence" with no final "s": As a matter of consequence, M1 Replies
Black lives matterLast post 03 Jul 20, 08:16
Die gängige Schreibung scheint tatsächlich " lives" zu sein; warum nicht "lifes"?76 Replies
dark matter - dunkle MaterieLast post 08 Apr 16, 13:59
LEOs Eintrag zu 'dunkle Materie':http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=dunkle%20mat…6 Replies
Die Materie - THE Matter or Matter ?Last post 26 Apr 07, 18:20
Hallo, Zeile eines Songtextes: "time and space transform beyond the matter" Ein Freund me…9 Replies
fine - der FeinstoffLast post 28 May 11, 22:25
Mormons say Spirit is just fine matter. -6 Replies
it's not a matter to laugh about. - Es ist nicht zum Lachen.Last post 12 Sep 13, 09:11
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=laugh&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&multi2 Replies
Why human translators still matterLast post 03 Aug 08, 22:17
This one is cute http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/2008/07/then-well-grab.html3 Replies
heart of the matter - Heart of the MatterLast post 18 Sep 07, 09:12
does anyone no what that means in german?3 Replies