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aussagekräftig - meaningfulLast post 13 Dec 18, 10:52
bitte senden Sie uns Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen zusammen mit einem aussagekräftigen Lebenslau14 Replies
biological meaningful changesLast post 08 Jun 11, 08:15
biological meaningful or biologically meaningful changes in ...7 Replies
important - belangreichLast post 30 Sep 13, 18:14
http://www.dwds.de/?qu=belangreich belangreich – Adjektiv gehoben ↗ Synonym zu belangvoll Be…4 Replies
meaningful lifeLast post 03 Nov 09, 13:33
she was on a quest for a meaningful life Hilfe, Knoten im Hirn! Wir sprechen doch nicht von …3 Replies
meaningful dimensionLast post 06 Sep 07, 13:55
Having a child together has brought a meaningful dimension to their relationship and enhance…1 Replies
meaningful propertiesLast post 14 Mar 08, 11:24
„Often the gift-giver chooses a gift because it possesses the meaningful properties he or she 2 Replies
more meaningfulLast post 23 Mar 10, 17:06
For consumers this technolgy has the potential to make life more meaningful Es geht in dem …6 Replies
meaningful loveLast post 16 Mar 13, 15:41
Aus einem Text über Partnersuche: "Individuals with a long personal history of loneliness w…5 Replies
sprechende URL - meaningful URLLast post 07 Aug 08, 12:50
Wir empfehlen eine eindeutige, sprechende URL. Reminds me of Orwell and 1984!11 Replies
meaningful judicial reviewLast post 22 Oct 08, 03:35
First, it would permit judicial review of Section 215 gag orders, but under conditions that …5 Replies