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medial medial

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med, medicinal, medically

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stroke (medical) - SchlaganfallLast post 26 May 14, 09:55
Leo Dictionary has the word "Schlaganfall" to mean a seizure. This is not correct. A sei…16 Replies
respirator - RespiratorLast post 23 Oct 09, 11:44
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atemmaske cross-references with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re…1 Replies
medical technology - die MedizintechnikLast post 24 Jan 05, 12:52
medical engineering, clinical enginering -- Medizintechnik > Sie übersetzen "Medizintechnik" mi1 Replies
Medical translationLast post 18 Jul 04, 08:39
Does anyone know the proper English translation for "Belegarzt"?7 Replies
medical termsLast post 18 Jan 04, 14:50
I'm looking for a good german-english dictionary of medical terms / the American paramedic s…6 Replies
medical termsLast post 13 Jul 04, 14:56
Hi, I've been asked to translate a diagnosis + am having trouble finding some of the specif…4 Replies
Medical wordsLast post 25 Nov 11, 11:15
Hello, i want to find out what these words say in german. What do this words mean in the Ge…6 Replies
to take medical advice - ärztlichen Rat suchenLast post 23 Mar 07, 17:04
See previous thread.1 Replies
preliminary medical examination - das PhysikumLast post 29 Dec 10, 20:42
I think "preliminary" is wrong. The exam is not "vorläufig" (how I would translate "prelimin…27 Replies
to take medical advice [med.] - ärztlichen Rat einholenLast post 27 Mar 07, 15:40
"Rat einholen" is not the same as "to take advice". The former means something along the lin…11 Replies