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ethal, fetal, ketal, meal, mealy, medal, mental, meta, Metol, petal Etmal, fetal, Ketal, letal, mental, Metall, Metol, Petal

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hollow metal; press metal Last post 31 Jul 08, 12:23
hollow metal door in press metal frame Hallo, ich komme hier nicht weiter... Kann mir zwar …5 Replies
heavy metal - das Heavy MetalLast post 28 Sep 09, 11:42
Hea|vy Me|tal [hvi mtl], das; - - [engl., eigtl. = Schwermetall], Hea|vy Rock [hvi -], der; …2 Replies
structural metal vs industrial metalLast post 23 Mar 06, 11:08
The text is about stainless steels and other corrosion resistance alloys, and now it is expl…1 Replies
metal theft and metal-snatchersLast post 17 Jul 11, 20:32
Germany is not the only country facing an increase in railway metal theft -- and it's not th…1 Replies
lathe - Drechsel Last post 27 Jun 09, 00:21
: a machine in which work is rotated about a horizontal axis and shaped by a fixed tool. We…4 Replies
metal - BruchsteinLast post 04 Oct 07, 12:41 "road metal: broken stone used in road-m…5 Replies
metal fumes - MetalldämpfeLast post 05 May 10, 13:38
When welding stainless steels, using the MAG process (135) metal fumes arise. Beim Schweißen…0 Replies
monal metalLast post 13 Dec 06, 16:10
Sorry, don't know Hi Leute, vielleicht könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen, was es bedeutet. Ich we…3 Replies
recovery metalLast post 03 Apr 06, 12:31
the structural material is a recovera metal es handelt sich hier um Metall - nicht unbedingt…4 Replies
bare metalLast post 22 Jan 07, 22:01
deutsch : direkt auf der Hardware (ohne Betriebssystem)…1 Replies

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