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military campaignsLast post 09 Nov 15, 22:53
construct or repair temples and public buildings, celebrate religious festivals, supply grai…2 Replies
Military LanguageLast post 18 Apr 20, 17:00
Below are a few assorted expressions used in a military setting, from a novel I am writing. …14 Replies
military law - MilitärstrafrechtLast post 21 Mar 04, 23:11
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3552077.stm Lesser charges of violating military l…2 Replies
military policy - MilitärpolitikLast post 08 Jul 07, 01:42
http://www.politikwissen.de/lexikon/militaerpolitik.html http://www.state.gov/t/pm/ppa/pmppt/2 Replies
military adviser - MilitärberaterLast post 24 Feb 08, 15:36
says my english teacher1 Replies
in full military gearLast post 06 Mar 09, 13:25
The man was in full military gear. -- Der Mann hatte eine Militäruniform an. (Zu gestelzt)…7 Replies
military dictatorship - die MilitärdiktaturLast post 29 Jul 16, 10:50
http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/MilitaerdiktaturMilitärdiktatur, dieWortart: Substantiv,4 Replies
with military precision - generalstabsmäßigLast post 23 Mar 09, 16:11
planned/organized with military precision to plan/organize sthg with military precision (aus…5 Replies
Civil-military relations in the U.S.Last post 28 Mar 07, 18:27
Hi everyone, I'm writing a really important essay on civil-military relations in the U.S. an…27 Replies
International: ISO 8601 vs. US Military timeLast post 02 Feb 09, 20:18
Ich suche eine förmliche, international klar definierte und eindeutige Form der Datums- und …1 Replies