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Orthographically similar words

billet, fillet, mallet, mille, milled, Miller, miller, mullet Billet, Milet, Mille

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panicum, panic, proso, panicgrass

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Goldhirse - millet ?Last post 28 Mar 08, 21:43
so I just bought some Goldhirse at the supermarket, and I _think_ it's millet (the grain) - …7 Replies
milletLast post 11 Mar 05, 14:13
"Armenian history unfolded against a background wherein other millets and nationalities were…3 Replies
millet stovers Last post 29 Nov 06, 19:01
Milk production in India is largely based on the utilisation of crop residues like wheat/pad…1 Replies
finger milletLast post 28 Oct 06, 19:15
hat mit Getreide und Hirse zutun. aber was genau ist finger millet?2 Replies
little millet - die Kutkihirse, wiss.: Panicum sumatrenseLast post 04 Mar 14, 20:54
http://itis.gbif.net/pls/itisca/next?v_tsn=506649&taxa=&p_king=every&p_string=containing0 Replies
pearl millet - die Perlhirse, wiss.: Pennisetum glaucumLast post 05 Mar 14, 09:56
current LEO-entry: http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=Perlhirse&searchLoc=0&2 Replies
Japanese millet - Japanische Hühnerhirse, wiss.: Echinochloa esculentaLast post 14 Jan 14, 17:10
http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=ECES Echinochloa esculenta (A. Braun) H. Scholz [b0 Replies
millet - Echte Hirse, wiss.: Panicum miliaceumLast post 02 Mar 14, 17:33
http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/millet?q=millet millet Line breaks: mil¦0 Replies
foxtail millet - die Kolbenhirse, wiss.: Setaria italicaLast post 30 Mar 14, 19:05
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/foxtail%20millet foxtail millet noun Definition of 0 Replies
finger millet - die Fingerhirse, wiss.: Eleusine coracanaLast post 14 Jan 14, 17:14
http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=ELCO3 Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn. finger mil0 Replies