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rocket launcher system - NebelwerferLast post 20 Jan 14, 19:44
Rocket launcher bedeuted Raketenwerfer, insbesondere in Bezug auf MRLS (wird fälschlich als …7 Replies
mortar sprayer - MörtelspritzeLast post 14 Jul 07, 12:37
English: http://www.machineplastering.co.uk/quattro.htm German: http://gamer.designs.de/ind…2 Replies
mortarLast post 07 Jun 09, 13:49
So the old man carved a mortar out of the wood so that he and his wife would have a celebrat…9 Replies
mortar round - GranatensalveLast post 25 Sep 13, 11:51
A mortar round landed inside the Russian Embassy compound in Damascus. -12 Replies
Mörsergranate - mortar shellLast post 14 Nov 13, 19:01
In der Nähe der Apostolischen Nuntiatur in Damaskus schlugen mindestens zwei Mörsergranaten …1 Replies
Flickmörtel - patching mortarLast post 22 Feb 07, 15:28
Cement plasters, lime stone and patching mortar need special primers. patch heißt zwar flick…0 Replies
mortar pitLast post 17 Mar 05, 08:41
the mortar pit on a man of war (an old British sailing warship) The pit where the mortar (Mö…2 Replies
trench mortarLast post 12 Mar 09, 13:42
Ausdruck gefunden in: http://www.warscholar.com/Year/TechnologyOutline.html Was ist das? Le…10 Replies
mortar boardLast post 17 Feb 08, 15:19
according to the programme's creator, Phil Redmond, who says it would be better for the seri…2 Replies
to mortarLast post 19 Apr 08, 19:41
the way to garner public support is to bomb and martar the public5 Replies