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motivate themLast post 26 Jun 13, 17:08
Last question referring to a team at a marketing company: "Their success will be your success2 Replies
motivate hearts and mindsLast post 04 Dec 12, 17:41
Okay, last annoying question about team motivation. :-) In motivating people, you've got to…13 Replies
Ziele: - Sie ... zu informieren. / - Sie ... zu motivieren. - Target: - Inform you ... . / - Motivate you ... .Last post 26 Feb 10, 15:37
Ziele: Sie über die Grundbegriffe zu informieren. Target: Inform you about the basic conce…2 Replies
jdn. zur praktischen Umsetzung motiviern - to motivate s.o. to practical implementationLast post 05 Apr 18, 15:00
Sie gestaltete den von ihr umfassend vorbereiteten Unterricht engagiert, kreativ und fachlic…5 Replies
Ein Thema (z.b. Studien-/Diplomarbeit) motivieren - to motivate/to introduce a subjectLast post 30 May 08, 15:48
Beispiel: The first chapter motivates/introduces the subject of... . Was haltet Ihr für rich…7 Replies
emotional factors...like....which could motivate..Last post 29 Mar 08, 14:56
We suggest that fairness can be motivated on a cognitive level, when people want to adhere t…0 Replies
Ein eigenes Team führen und motivieren - To manage/lead/direct and motivate an own team?Last post 24 Jan 12, 21:35
Hallo, ich bin mir unsicher, wie ich "leiten" an dieser Stelle übersetzten kann. Was wird i…10 Replies
to motivate to understand, enhance skills, and demonstrate a commitment to...Last post 02 Feb 09, 18:43
Our goal: to motivate the officers to understand their responsibilities, to enhance their ma…3 Replies
Es liegt eine Menge Arbeit vor uns, die uns fordert, anspornt und uns optimistisch in die Zukunft blicken lässt. - There’s still a lot of work ahead for us which motivate and challenges us and are able to look optimistically into the future. Last post 21 Sep 09, 15:49
Hallo ihr Lieben, kann sich bitte mal jemand die Übersetzung ansehen? Thanks, Milly Hallo …1 Replies
Moreover I have learned to motivate myself easily to work in a disciplined and goal-oriented way in order to carry out tasks sucLast post 22 Jun 09, 21:22
Moreover I have learned to motivate myself easily to work in a disciplined and goal-oriented…3 Replies