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   der Nachmittag (Noun)

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Wednesday afternoon Wednesdays afternoon Wednesday afternoons Wednesdays afternoons Klingt …6 Replies
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nachmittags [um elf Uhr]Last post 15 Oct 09, 10:25
this is from a birth certificate in 1955, so the Germany is a little bit different, so could…6 Replies
Sie servierte Brot und Käse als Nachmittags ImbissLast post 17 May 09, 14:37
She was serving bread and cheese as a late afternoon snack Sagt man she was serving oder sh…2 Replies
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by mid-afternoonLast post 08 Jun 09, 17:57
Hello! Here's the context: By mid-afternoon the sky had turned black Thanks for your help :)1 Replies
In case we are going to have the meeting in Munich I can make myself available only in the afternoon. Last post 21 Aug 16, 11:02
In case we are going to have the meeting in Munich I can make myself available only in the …2 Replies