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Orthographically similar words

dose, lose, noose, nosh, note, pose Dose, Hose, lose, Nase, None, Note, Nous, Oase, Öse, Pose, Rose

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projection, nase, lug, headstart, forepart, ansatz

Forum discussions containing the search term

blowing your noseLast post 30 Jul 08, 11:19
Hallo - neulich war ich mit einer Amerikanerin aus, und als ich im Lauf des Abends beim Spaz…2 Replies
to blow one's nose - sich die Nase schnäuzenLast post 06 Apr 07, 16:06
2 Einträge: to honk\t- lautstark schnäuzen to blow one's nose - sich die Nase schnäuzen http…5 Replies
Stupsnase - snub nose - Stupsnase-snub noseLast post 15 Jan 16, 15:57
Hi, I wonder whether the term "snub nose" has the same meaning as Stupsnase in German. Does…11 Replies
nose to noseLast post 06 Sep 08, 13:18
nose to nose, only three inches separating them. Jetzt bin ich gerade verunsichert. Wenn si…8 Replies
noseLast post 25 Jun 08, 20:36
the nose of the plane2 Replies
Brothers Grimm fairytale noseLast post 21 Dec 11, 14:56
Beschreibung eines Phantombilds: "A man, early sixties, long hair, glasses, a Brothers Grimm…9 Replies
drop nose pin - KlappnasenbolzenLast post 18 Jul 06, 15:52
Manufactureres UK (e.g.): http://www.sea-sure.co.uk/pins1.htm http://www.marineprepacks.com/…0 Replies
nose picking - NasepopelnLast post 01 Feb 12, 18:22
Nail biting, hair twirling, thumb sucking, and nose picking - these childhood habits are com…9 Replies
be on the nose aboutLast post 17 Jun 07, 22:48
Does this mean candid? As in sharp and painful, yet accurate? Some seem to link it to smell…1 Replies
to have to pay through one's nose - tief in die Tasche greifen müssenLast post 03 Apr 12, 14:16
I happened upon this today when I was looking for something else, and it struck me that we d…4 Replies