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redeived notificationLast post 27 Jul 07, 17:09
My email provider does not offer a message receipt requesst, so how should I formulate this …2 Replies
TV notificationLast post 10 Jun 06, 22:15
Hello everybody! I would like to ask you whether you know of any online service that allows…6 Replies
Shipment NotificationLast post 10 Mar 11, 16:43
As XXX is committed to early Shipment Notification toward its Client, Transport Logistics re…9 Replies
notification of currencyLast post 04 Nov 09, 12:26
Hallo, Könnte mir jemand bei der Verbesserung dieser notification helfen? Auch wenn mein En…7 Replies
disposition notification - LesebestätigungsnachrichtLast post 19 May 08, 19:36
A message disposition notification is a generalization of what is commonly called "read rece…0 Replies
notificationLast post 22 Sep 06, 14:33
civil liability attaches to those persons who have applied for the prospectus' notification.1 Replies
Zahlungsavisierung - Payment notificationLast post 15 Jan 09, 14:39
Kann mir da jemand helfen? Bin mir nicht ganz sicher ob ich das so richtig mache. Danke sch…6 Replies
Eingangsmeldung - Notification of receiptLast post 17 Aug 10, 10:18
In einer Beschreibung von Software für Eisenbahnunternehmen: Datenbankspeicherung aller Zug…2 Replies
tray notificationLast post 21 Apr 07, 23:29
block tray notifications and auto reject invitations when occupied gibts bei ICQ 6 in der d…2 Replies
disco notificationLast post 17 Sep 07, 13:24
resale process starts once disco notification has been received1 Replies