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Obvious cognates?Last post 17 Sep 15, 22:17
Hello all, I'm writing a story at A1 level and find myself disagreeing with the editor on a…42 Replies
Ist es obvious?Last post 13 Oct 06, 18:38
Ein Nicht-wirklich-doch-beinahe-muttersprachlicher Kollege hat heute gemeint, dass "That's n…14 Replies
Unterschied: obvious - apparentLast post 09 Jan 09, 10:52
Kann mir jemand den Bedeutungsunterschied zwischen den beiden Wörtern erklären? Gruß17 Replies
render obvious - nahelegenLast post 17 May 06, 18:16
http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/pac/mpep/documents/0800_803_02.htm "If on examination the e…0 Replies
nearest - nächstliegender | nächstliegende | nächstliegendesLast post 01 Jun 15, 10:25
According to Duden, "nächstliegend" means "sich beim Überlegen sofort einstellend, sich zuer…26 Replies
which makes obvious thatLast post 22 Jun 09, 17:53
We can rewrite this term as XXX, which makes obvious that it vanishes. We can rewrite this t…4 Replies
saying something completely obviousLast post 28 Feb 10, 22:23
I am wondering if there is an expression to express the above. I think it might be a word s…2 Replies
Problems became obvious/ EspeciallyLast post 31 Aug 15, 15:10
A mayor problem originated from rapid urbanization which accompanied the increase in populat…2 Replies
obvious statement - SelbstverständlichkeitLast post 14 May 07, 08:50
This may sound like an obvious statement ... Das klingt vielleicht wie eine Selbstverständl…8 Replies
obvious eruditionLast post 21 Jan 07, 23:08
1.Gail Levin has given us, with obvious erudition and admiration, Hopper the „creative artist&4 Replies