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Occupy Wall StreetLast post 27 Nov 11, 22:48
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/20/opinion/sunday/kristof-occupy-the-agenda.html Op-Ed Colum…8 Replies
beschäftigen - occupyLast post 10 Aug 07, 16:46
Zu unterlassen ist insbeson¬dere die Einstellung oder sonstige Beschäftigung von Mitarbeiter…2 Replies
occupy (building/ house)Last post 16 Mar 21, 21:03
Kann das Verb occupy im Sinne von squatter verwendet werden und das Nomen occupation im Sinn…19 Replies
occupyLast post 23 Apr 11, 21:46
Grassland and savannah occupy a substantial part of Southern Africa. Grasland und Savanne (…3 Replies
Occupy Wall Street sucht freiwillige ÜbersetzerLast post 08 Oct 11, 04:10
Die Protestbewegung sucht Sympathisanten, die bereit sind, bei den Übersetzungen zu helfen (…5 Replies
‘Occupy Waters’Last post 14 May 15, 00:17
“So can I live with you?” he asks with sudden ease and little fear of rejection. “Sure,” I s10 Replies
can land occupy an area?Last post 19 Aug 10, 18:54
This sentence is bothering me (I did not write it) I think because I don't see how land can …11 Replies
Pfarrstelle innehaben - occupy the rectorateLast post 04 Feb 09, 15:32
He occupied the rectorate until his death shortly after. oder doch held the rectorate?0 Replies
to occupy assetsLast post 28 Dec 11, 03:20
According to the stipulations of the agreement xx Zrt. occupied the assets, obtained all the…2 Replies
Words for protesters -- "occupy"? "indignados"? "anti-capitalist"?Last post 21 Sep 13, 08:01
What terms are used in the media to describe the current protest movements, and how accurate…45 Replies