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What are the odds? - Was macht es schon aus?Last post 09 Mar 07, 14:13
Stumbled across this translation and it seemed "odd" =) to me. Googled it and it turned out …11 Replies
oddsLast post 10 Mar 07, 19:25
The odds were that both companies would be wiped out within a year if the sale went ahead. …7 Replies
long odds / short oddsLast post 24 Feb 10, 17:52
betting at short odds betting at long odds2 Replies
odds and sodds - KrimskramsLast post 02 May 06, 08:12
Bezeichnung unserer früheren englischen Sekretärin Ergänzend zu "odds and ends", das schon …1 Replies
odds-on - sehr wahrscheinlichLast post 11 Mar 09, 10:12
Englische Wörterbuchbelege[/B] odds-on • adjective 1 (especially of a horse) ra9 Replies
outsider odds - AußenseiterquoteLast post 13 Apr 12, 19:33
Coleen Rooney was seen having a whale of a time yesterday after her horse romped home after …0 Replies
odds against sthg. [math./stat.]Last post 13 Oct 12, 11:51
Ich bin mir nicht sicher welcher der beiden folgenden Optionen zutreffend sind für die Aussa…7 Replies
Why can odds be long?Last post 01 Jul 17, 01:12
\tJust out of curiosity: When the probability for something to happen is very low, this can …18 Replies
What are the chances/odds?Last post 25 May 10, 23:57
Heißt beides lediglich "Wie stehen die Chancen?" ? Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen "odds"…10 Replies
Fox News - defy + oddsLast post 11 Apr 12, 09:51
GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, after defying long odds to become a top contender …5 Replies