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Die Reflexivpronomen
Reflexivpronomen werden auch als rückbezügliches Fürwort bezeichnet, weil sie die Handlung auf den Handelnden rückbeziehen – z. B. ich wasche mich (und nicht das Auto), er ärgert s…

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OneselfLast post 30 Sep 07, 21:36
It depends on the field of studies and on the person oneself Is that correct? Oneself or it…3 Replies
keep oneself on oneself's toesLast post 27 Apr 06, 11:50
Oh, and I'll have to try and switch to French-speaking mode too, not many people speak Engli…1 Replies
inspite of oneself / despite oneselfLast post 17 Jul 09, 12:19
Alanis Morissette benutzt diesen Ausdruck in "Head over Feet" ("You already won me over/In s…10 Replies
catch oneselfLast post 10 Jul 07, 09:59
She caught herself before she slipped an arm around his slim shoulders. He didn't want to be…3 Replies
carry oneselfLast post 24 Jul 08, 02:43
He carries himself with an erect posture of a career officer. In den Wörterbüchern fand ich…1 Replies
find oneselfLast post 22 May 08, 19:56
"Up to that magic moment of finding herself hoisted off the face of the earth (in a plane) h…1 Replies
empowering oneselfLast post 27 Aug 10, 14:03
Many self-help books and courses deal with 'empowering oneself'. empower heißt ja so viel w3 Replies
despite oneselfLast post 10 Nov 10, 15:59
(2 Beispiele) Despite herself, and her determination to stay cool and distant, Ann leaned for1 Replies
busy oneselfLast post 19 Nov 08, 15:58
can you say Igor beschäftigte sich in seinem Zimmer oder muss man sich mit etwas beschäfti…3 Replies
distinguish oneselfLast post 28 May 09, 17:20
Ich moechte sagen "he distinguished himself by consistently doing his work honestly and ..."…4 Replies

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