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operational efficiencyLast post 28 Oct 09, 12:41
Through improvements in operational efficiency, we will be in a position to sell products at…2 Replies
operational constraintLast post 18 Oct 06, 14:06
Projektbericht Überschrift "Start-up Activities & Operational Constraints" das erste ist klar, 7 Replies
Operational ExcellenceLast post 07 Jan 07, 10:40
Part of a book title (Operational Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry) "We go on with …1 Replies
operational recoveryLast post 11 Apr 07, 18:50
Eine besondere Form von "disaster recovery" (dazu gibts ja schon ne schöne Diskussion...) G…1 Replies
Operational CRMLast post 01 Mar 07, 17:54
The Internet does not only have an impact on Operational CRM but also Analytical CRM. Is it…2 Replies
operational accountLast post 18 Sep 07, 20:22
Create Customer Operational Account Develop customer business account regarding technical o…1 Replies
operational flowLast post 28 Feb 07, 17:02
This was having a detrimental effect on xxx’s operational flow. könnte man da Produktionsflu1 Replies
operational performanceLast post 28 Mar 08, 17:58
Our primary focus is to help clients use information technology to improve operational perfo…4 Replies
operational excellenceLast post 23 Jan 07, 14:41
"The systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency to ach…3 Replies
operational entitiesLast post 05 May 08, 00:50
Kontext: Managers of the operational entities on the level below Business Area "operational…1 Replies

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