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view, notion, belief, idea, adjudgement, outlook, conviction

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opinion leader - meinungsbildnerLast post 24 Jul 08, 19:00
Google Suche Man sagt eher "opinion maker". Kann sein, dass "opinion leader" auch richtig ist.3 Replies
considered opinion - feste ÜberzeugungLast post 10 Nov 05, 21:15
"considered opinion" implies an opinion which is based on careful thought about a subject. …1 Replies
Opinion of the Court - GerichtsgutachtenLast post 14 Oct 11, 20:45
Ein Gerichtsgutachten ist ein Gutachten, dass einem Gericht vorlegt wurde/wird, von einem ex…5 Replies
Your opinionLast post 23 Feb 09, 11:56
Hey dear Leo-Team and dear Leo-User, I have to summarize the fairytale Hensel and Gretel. T…19 Replies
opinion towards - opinion towardsLast post 07 Apr 09, 20:08
Mr Smith's opinion towards the issue is rather negative. Is "towards" wrong? I have seen "op…2 Replies
Opinion about proof reading serviceLast post 16 Jan 13, 21:04
Hi all! Are there any opinions about the following proof reading service? http://www.acade…4 Replies
UK election - no opinion polls?Last post 06 May 10, 10:03
From CNN: British law prevents the media from reporting how the parties have fared in opinio…5 Replies
reasoned opinion - begründete StellungnahmeLast post 13 Jun 14, 08:58
http://www.linguee.de/deutsch-englisch/search?source=auto&query=reasoned+opinion1 Replies
in my opinionLast post 07 Jun 10, 13:50
This is for native English speakers, preferably those not living in Germany. My British pro…9 Replies
Stellungnahme - OpinionLast post 05 Feb 13, 15:53
Da die Fachinformationen zweier Produkte mit dem gleichen wirdstoff folgenden Satz enthalten…9 Replies