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Orthographically similar words

argan, bogan, Koran, logan, Loran, loran, origan Boran, Koran, Orkan, voran, woran, Woran

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Sprachrohr, Presseorgan, Orgel

Forum discussions containing the search term

organ / - mouthpiece [fig.] [form.] / - das SprachrohrLast post 14 Jun 09, 19:39
M-W: or·gan 4: periodical OALD: organ noun 6 (formal) a newspaper or magazine that gives …0 Replies
Positive organ - das PositivLast post 05 Jan 10, 15:58
Orgelpositiv found here: http://www.nzuek.ch/web/images/stories/documents/public/nzuek_flye…0 Replies
organ donor - ???Last post 28 Mar 12, 03:39
If I was the organ donor, I'd be spewing worms out of my grave. Context: Cheney My try: Wen…8 Replies
viscus - inneres OrganLast post 07 Dec 08, 18:14
http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=viscus, http://dict.leo.org/?search…4 Replies
pit organ - WärmegrubeLast post 17 Jun 08, 22:45
Kleine Vertiefungen am Kopf von Boiden (Schlangen) zur Orientierung (über Wärmedifferenzen) …8 Replies
organ of Corti - das Corti-Organ (lat.: Organum spirale)Last post 31 Dec 07, 11:01
The Great Courses magazine, Dec. 2007, pg. 39: The spiral organ of Corti detects sound waves.2 Replies
organ which oder who?Last post 12 Jan 11, 19:50
The British people don't want an organ which / who is built up in discrimination. (Will sag…3 Replies
pipe organ / electronic organLast post 04 Dec 10, 10:58
. A pipe organ is a organ (Orgel) with pipes. Thank you.2 Replies
organ loft - die OrgelemporeLast post 15 May 05, 21:10
see examples Langenscheidt, Der Große Muret-Sanders: Orgelempore f organ loft (od. gallery) …2 Replies
auditory organ - das GehörorganLast post 25 Jan 14, 17:01
LEO: hearing organ [anat.] --- das Gehörorgan Pl.: die Gehörorgane organ of hearing [anat.]…0 Replies