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Orthographically similar words

aver, cover, hover, love, move, rove, veer Gör, Lover, Ober, Oder, Öhr, Oger, Oper, Ovar, Verb, Vers, Vier

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past, across, above

Forum discussions containing the search term

all over - fertigLast post 14 May 20, 13:33
https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/all%20overhttps://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/fertig…5 Replies
to over,trump - überstechenLast post 07 Mar 17, 09:33
The comma seems strange to me, please correct me if I am wrong.9 Replies
comb-over / combover - SardelleLast post 26 Sep 11, 18:03
Den Ausdruck "Sardelle" für über die Glatze gekämmtes Haar habe ich noch nie gehört. Das ist…6 Replies
hands over - die Übermacht Last post 01 Oct 08, 11:21
Never heard of a noun "hands over". Not even sure what the English is meant to be; maybe it'…0 Replies
cut-over bog - LeegsumpfLast post 25 May 19, 19:01
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/3198...https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry…9 Replies
winning over the consumer - die Kundenbindung Last post 22 Apr 06, 19:24
win over transitive verb Definitions: persuade somebody to agree: to persuade somebody t…2 Replies
carry-over parts - die COP-TeileLast post 14 Apr 11, 11:31
Die Bezeichnung "carry-over parts" bzw. COP wird z.B. in der Automobilbranche für "Gleichtei…4 Replies
over-the-counter - das TafelgeschäftLast post 15 Dec 10, 00:45
WAHRIG Rechtschreibung * Ta|fel|ge|schäft n. 1, Bankw.: Geschäft am Bankschalter mit Wertpap…6 Replies
to stay over - bei jmdm. übernachtenLast post 18 Mar 12, 17:41
Idioms & Phrases stay over Remain overnight, as in We hadn't planned to stay over but th…6 Replies
disagreement over sth. - Hickhack um etwasLast post 06 Mar 15, 18:46
https://www.ahdictionary.com/word/search.html?q=disagreement dis·a·gree·ment n. 1. A failure…1 Replies