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overseas territorries (pl.) - ÜberseegebieteLast post 22 Dec 11, 10:07
World English Dictionary UK Overseas Territory — n a n y of the territories that ar…0 Replies
"overseas" definitionLast post 18 May 18, 08:04
In reference to this article: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-44108760As I am reading this …16 Replies
overseas territory - ÜberseeterritoriumLast post 22 Dec 11, 01:01
In 1946, Chad became a French overseas territory. -2 Replies
overseas trip - ÜberseereiseLast post 12 Jul 11, 12:45
From our prospect you can find out on how to prepare for an overseas trip, without smacking …1 Replies
Overseas legLast post 15 Jun 07, 19:36
"Missing or invalid Unit of Measurement code for the Overseas Leg Dimensions." Gesucht wird…2 Replies
overseas retireesLast post 21 Aug 07, 12:28
The Indian government is denying local pensioners a chance to bolster their nest eggs, an op…1 Replies
o. e. - AuslandsaufenthaltLast post 08 Jun 09, 14:11
I'm here on my o.e. Befinde mich zurzeit eben auf solchem in Neuseeland. Das mit erste und …3 Replies
Overseas student health cover - Auslandskrankenversicherung??Last post 12 Dec 06, 16:49
Geh im Feb ein Semester nach Sydney und muss nun 200¤ für "Overseas student health cover" zahl1 Replies
net overseas migrationLast post 14 May 07, 21:17
in einem sozialgeographischen artikel, in dem es um migration geht4 Replies
voluntary services overseasLast post 29 Oct 08, 19:53
voluntary services overseas.. This voc. is from a voc. list. I didn't get a text.1 Replies